Case Study

Engaged and involved people to achieve outstanding results.

  • Plant efficiency increased by 12% in 3 months

When Westwind was brought in to support and develop our team, we had a very new supervisory group. While enthusiastic, our group was in experienced and having the support of seasoned experts was invaluable to our development and growth as leaders. Yes, we gained valuable ground quite quickly in some important KPI’s, including productivity and safety but most importantly we learned how to be leaders. Several of us are still with the organization years later and have progressed to being leaders of leaders and this was made possible by the foundation built under the guidance of the Westwind team.

– Production Manager, Food & Beverage industry


Conducted a comprehensive performance assessment and crafted an action plan to address the gaps and capitalize on the needs and opportunities pinpointed by both the workforce and management. Advocated for leaders to immerse themselves more on the front lines, providing consistent feedback and recognition for exceptional performance. Revitalized Key Indicators by injecting fresh energy into crew meetings, actively engaging and involving individuals to drive towards exceptional results.


  • Lack of goal clarity
  • High paced and reactive environment
  • Skilled workforce under utilized


  • Conducted performance assessment
  • Created an action plan
  • Encouraged leaders to be on the floor


  • Re-energized Key Indicators
  • Engaged and involved people
  • Increased plant efficiency by 12%

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