Case Study

The workforce contributed significant ideas & improvements.

  • Mine production improved 28% in just 3 months.
  • Improved communication at all levels.
mining case study

Westwind’s biggest asset is their ability to break down silos that may arise in the organization. They bridged the communication gap between departments, between generations and personalities.

– Senior Mine Engineer


The results of a thorough cultural assessment were shared openly. Aligned the team on a goal and finite set of priorities. Coaching leaders on achieving the priorities through inclusiveness, improved communication at all levels and focused on celebrating their individual and team achievements. The workforce contributed significant ideas and efforts toward improvements. Feedback, primarily catching people doing things right, was embedded in the culture.


  • Lack of communication and direction
  • Disconnect between departments
  • People not feeling included or appreciated


  • Cultural assessment
  • Align the team
  • Coaching Leaders


  • Improved communication
  • Production improved 28%

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